Roots:British Columbia
Age: 25
Sponsors: INI, Lib Tech, Whistler/Blackcomb, Flux Bindings, Spy Optics, Saxx Underwear, Remind Insoles
Current Home Mountain: Whistler & Blackcomb!
Role Models:Terje, Jamie Lynn, Nico, Rice, Dane Reynolds, Sinatra.


Roots: Grew up in California. Now I migrate between SoCal and the PNW during the winters.
Age: I am 10 years old in PRO Snowboarding Years
Sponsors: K2 Snow, iNi Coop, Dragon, Dakine, Active Ride Shop
Current Home Mountain: The Cascades
Role Models:James Dean, Craig Kelly, Lincoln, Dali Lama, Dane, Dad, Brother, Devun “deluxe” Walsh, Kevin Durant.


Roots: Grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas
Sponsors: Arbor Snowboards, Ashbury, Howl Gloves, Spark R&D, iNi, Crab Grab
Current Stomping Grounds: The Backcountry
Role Models: Anyone who strives for a more conscious way of living


Roots:Hibbing, Minnesota
Age: 25
Sponsors: INI, Smokin Snowboards, Boreal Mountain, Wend Wax, Rad Gloves, Side Surfers
Current Home Mountain: Boreal
Role Models:Too many to mention.


Roots:San Mateo, CA
Age: 21
Sponsors: Arbor Snowboards, INI Coop, Boreal Mountain, JAX
Current Home Mountain: Boreal Mountain
Role Models:Paul Heran, Under-Dawgs, Jonas Michilot, Vin, DAE.


Roots:Quebec, Canada
Age: 24
Sponsors: Axis Boardshop, INI, POP Headwear, G-Shock
Current Home Mountain: St-Sauveur, Quebec
Role Models:My Brothers Factory Crew.

Colin Spencer

Where do you live: Breckenridge, Currently Northwest Mt. Baker

Sponsors: iNiCooperative

Age: 23

Home Mountain: Keystone

What intrigued you about INICooperative when you first heard about what was happening: I really like to see guys come out onto the Snowboard scene doing new things and doing it how they like it. INI is like a family not a huge cooperation and I am stoked to be part of something so ground breaking and “core” in our Red Bull world.


What is your favorite terrain to shred: I like it all, anytime I am on my snowboard I am ready to go! Right now pillows in the trees sounds tasty.

Who did you grow up riding with: I grew up riding with my good friend Tom Carroll who was a big inspiration and like a brother to me. I have ridden with all sorts of different groups from contest kids, hesh law rail dogs, to hippie soul boarders. I feel every group has something to offer and it is cool to see how everyone perceives snowboarding so differently.

Why do you use Eco friendly products: As I travel more and more you can see the impact we can have on our planet and it is just ignorant to go day by day without putting in you part to help out. It is not hard and our mountains and oceans need our help!!

What do you do when your not Snowboarding: Surf, Skate, party, meet new people try and share experiences with as many people as I can in life, whatever it may be doing.

What projects are you currently working on: I am working on the Nike Chosen video contest, if you are reading this please go to Nike Chosen f.b. page like and share the 4 Reel crew! haha selfless promotion. OH and watch out for me in next years YES movie!

Favorite shred videos: YES. Its a movie, Afterbang, That’s it That’s All. Artofficial and Return of the Wildcats.

Favorite contest: Ride Shakedown.

Best place you’ve been able to ride: Silverton CO.

People that have inspired you in life: Tom Carroll, DCP, J.J. Thomas my brother dad and mom


Roots:Born & Raised in Rutland, VT
Age: 24
Sponsors: INI, GBP. JSLV, Rockstar
Current Home Mountain: Northstar This Season
Role Models:Everyone in my Gremlinz family influences me everyday of my life.


Roots:Pacific North West
Age: 32
Sponsors: INI, Smokin Snowboards, Smith Optics, Pistole Boardshop
Current Home Mountain: T-Line
Role Models:Those around me.


Roots:Nigata, Minami Uonuma
Age: 26
Sponsors: Allian, INI, Deeluxe, Flux, Smith, Gallium, Scorpion, Savage
Current Home Mountain: Ishiuchi Maruyama
Role Models:Michael Jackson.


Roots:Welches Oregon!
Age: 20
Sponsors: Mt. Hood 26, Dakine, Rome SDS, Spy Optics, INI COOPERATIVE Boi!!
Current Home Mountain: Timberline MT. HOOD OREGON
Role Models:Travis Parker- absolute fun attitude, Torstein Horgmo- Style and progression, Aaron biittner- Style.

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Zack Black

Where do you live: Breckenridge, Colorado

Sponsors: The Station, Breckenridge, INI, Unity, DYE, Satellite, YEA.NICE

Age: 21

Home Mountain: Breckenridge Ski Rresort

What intrigued you about INICooperative when you first heard about what was happening: INI caught my attention as soon as I heard about it. Between their environmental efforts of using hemp and recycled materials and their connection to the One Love foundation I like everything about the company’s agenda.


What is your favorite terrain to shred: I love everything about snowboarding, I spend a lot of time in the halfpipe but when I am home I love cruising random runs looking for powder, cut-outs, logs, and random jibs.

Who did you grow up riding with: I grew up riding with my older brother Jake as well as our close friends Dylan Bidez and Brett Esser. All of us loved to charge anything the mountains could throw at us and we still do.

Why do you use Eco friendly products: As I love winter and I will do anything I can to protect snow and my active, outdoor lifestyle

What do you do when your not Snowboarding: When I am not snowboarding I play coed soccer and go to school.

What projects are you currently working on: I currently and working on some things with Satellite Boardshop for their video this season as well as videos for my friends and my blog The Station,

Favorite shred videos: YAfter Lame, Givin

Favorite contest: Most contest are the same but if I had to choose one it would be the Dew tour at Breckenridge excluding the ridiculous registration lines.

People that have inspired you in life: Jim Smith, Jake Black, Dylan Bidez, Broc Waring, Brett Esser, Matt Ladley, My Parents, Craig Kelly, Everyone who appreciates the little things in life.

All Photos by Matt Powers


Age: 27
Sponsors: iNi, Smith Optics, Smokin Snowboards
Current Home Mountain: Mt. Hood
Role Models:Everyone who has inspired me to be a better person and enjoy life.

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